3D shapes


We have been focusing on shapes and have been making 3D shapes out of different nets. I made a rhombus and an octohedren. The octohedren is on right and rhombus on left:


To make them we got a big sheet of our net. WE decorated them and cut them out, folded them and stuck them in the right position.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

We have been focusing on poetry. This week we have done Haiku poems. I wrote two to share with you. For example a haiku can be about possesions, hobbies or a traditional haiku is about nature. A haiku is set out like this:

Line 1: 5 syllables
Line 2: 7 syllables
Line 3: 5 syllables

One of mine is about Different Friends.

Find ways to share time
Be friends with someone today
Be friends with elders

 Another is Drawing.

I can draw cartoons
Even things I love the most
Drawing is so fun

I hope you liked my poems.